These are some of the videos I’ve produced, shot and edited over the years. Scroll down for more videos:

My latest video on vending machines for electric vehicles in China to fight pollution.

Vacationing in Afghanistan: This film has over 120,000 views on Youtube.
I made this film with John Monte while traveling in Afghanistan in 2004.

I shot and edited this film with St. Coletta of Greater Washington, an amazing school for children with intellectual disabilities.

The Fixer: This is a clip from my film, “The Fixer,” which I shot in Afghanistan. The film went onto film festivals internationally, and was featured on CNN.

Thug Life: I did a series of stories with a street gang in Washington, DC. Two of these young men would be murdered.

Iraq and Back: Justin Constantine and his wife, Dahlia, work hard together after life-threatening wounds Justin sustained during his service in Iraq. Justin has since been interviewed on CNN for a July 4th special. This video currently has over 80,000 views on Youtube.

90 Miles Apart exposes the complex realities facing Cuba. Shot by John Monte.

A New Leg for Peter: Parents talk about their 5 year-old son, Peter, who was born without a leg. Peter has been fit with a special prosthetic leg.

FBI Safe Street Task Force: This is a story I did during a ride-along with the FBI street gang task force.

High School Heroin Ring: I profiled a neighborhood, high school, and family in the wealthy area of Fairfax, Va, devastated by heroin addiction.

Frontrunner: A film by Virginia Williams about Massouda Jalal, the only woman running for president in the 2004 Afghan election. I edited this 8 minute sample, and was associate producer in Afghanistan.

The Road to Ghazni: I edited this film on Afghan reconstruction in 2004 in Afghanistan.

Woof: I produced, shot and edited this film for a pet store.