The Forwarding of Your Video by Viewers

January 29, 2014

USC Professor, Henry Jenkins’ work starts from the premise that people are making conscious decisions to aid the circulation of certain content because they see it as a meaningful contribution to their ongoing conversations, “a gift which they can share with people they care about” (Usher, 2010). Teixeira (2012) finds two common traits in people […]

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A couple more media outlets picked up the China vid

January 25, 2014

One of my favorites, Wired Magazine, featured my video yesterday! I definitely geek out to their magazine from time to time. So a big honor for me! Check it out: Also, Business Insider, featured the video.

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I love when my stories are poached by the US media…

January 22, 2014

Today the Associated Press basically poached my entire story (shots, script lines, structure) and made no mention of my video. I’m okay with it. It’s now showing up all over the media including USA Today. See for yourself. AP Story (from today): My story (from Nov. 19):

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The Rockefeller Foundation Highlights My China video as a TOP 2013 story

January 13, 2014

The Rockefeller Foundation highlighted my China story on vending machines for electric vehicles to combat pollution as one of four “resilience stories” of 2013 “you might of missed.” I guess…don’t miss it? Rent a car from a Chinese vending machine To meet China’s increasing demand for automobiles, a company called Kandi Technologies is bringing […]

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Latest China Video Picked up by Time, Forbes, Aol, Treehugger…

January 8, 2014

My latest video on Kandi Technology Groups’ vending machine like electric vehicle garages in Hangzhou, China has been picked up by Time, Forbes, Aol, Treehugger and many others (links to articles below). In 2010, spurred by President Barack Obama’s push for a “green economy” I started research for a potential documentary on green technology. I […]

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Spreading the Message: Looking at Forwarding Behavior of Video Viewers

January 2, 2014

USC Professor, Henry Jenkins says, “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead” (Usher, 2010). Spreadable media travels across media platforms partly because people take it in their own hands and share it with their social networks (Usher, 2010). In Usher’s interview with Jenkins it is pointed out that the widespread circulation of media content through the […]

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